In 2011 the Broken Bay Catholic Schools Board, in keeping with dioceses throughout NSW, published a Diocesan policy titled Accreditation Policy for Staff in the Diocesan School System in Respect of the Mission of the Church. The policy was reviewed in August 2013, March 2017 and April 2018.

Click here for the current April 2018 (V3.1) of the policy. Click here for Executive Summary.

The policy specifies five levels of Mission Accreditation:

The policy requires all staff to participate in initial mission accreditation programs as well as ongoing mission formation to maintain their Mission Accreditation.

This policy does not affect casual staff, contractors or staff engaged in maintaining school facilities or grounds.

Mission Accreditation programs

To maintain the currency of their Mission Accreditation, all staff will need to participate in their school staff spiritual formation days. Coordinators, teachers of Religious Education and school and system leaders will need to participate in additional opportunities for professional learning and mission formation.

For school leaders

  • For checklist to assist in Tier One School Review, click here