A: Support staff

LEVEL A: Non-Teaching Staff

From the policy

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form students in Catholic discipleship. The ongoing evangelisation and Catholic formation of leaders and staff of Catholic schools holds a central place in the fulfilment of this purpose.

Newly appointed non-teaching staff, who have not worked in a Catholic school/CSO before, are required to complete the equivalent of a one-day induction program ideally within their first year of appointment. This requirement recognises the need for an induction and formation program that supports staff as it develops their confidence and capacity to contribute to the distinctive Catholic life and mission of our schools/CSO.

What do I need to do to be Mission Accredited? 
Every staff member will experience appropriate orientation and induction into the life and mission of their school/CSO as a Catholic school and workplace. This will happen both formally and informally. You are encouraged to find out as much as you can about what makes your school/CSO distinctively Catholic and what that means for you.

As soon as practicable, you need to register to participate in a one day program facilitated by the Catholic Schools Office. Click here for further information.

In the meantime you can learn more about the Diocese of Broken Bay and its Catholic schools

Mission Accreditation Renewal
All non-teaching support staff are required to maintain the currency of their Mission Accreditation through the completion of the equivalent of three days spiritual/mission formation every five years. Participation in your school’s staff spiritual/ mission formation days will meet policy requirements.

As part of the process of Tier 1 School Review, the mission accreditation of non-teaching support staff will be renewed on the basis of evidence demonstrating that non-teaching support staff have regularly participated in staff spirituality/mission formation days as specified in the policy. Evidence provided by the school may include program outlines and sign-on sheets for staff spirituality/mission formation days.

There is no need for non-teaching support staff to maintain records of their participation in staff spirituality/mission formation days.

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